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how to send voice mail totally hands free when Accolade is paired to Sync

I live in a hands free city and when I leave voice mail from my LG Accolade after I finish speaking things are silent for a while and then Verizon says, "We did not get your message either because you were not speaking or there was a bad connection." This does not happen if I am not in the car and press "1" when I finish talking.

How can I convince Sync to do the logical equivalent of pressing "1"? Or better still, how can I convince Verizon that my message is finished without pressing the "1" key whether I am in the car or not?

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Re: how to send voice mail totally hands free when Accolade is paired to Sync
Customer Support

Hi raymondzachary

I'm sorry to hear your having issues in the car. Let's look into this. When did this start? Does it work with a bluetooth headset? Try leaving a voicemail and hang up after speaking. Does it send?

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Re: how to send voice mail totally hands free when Accolade is paired to Sync

I spent some time talking with David in Technical Support yesterday and my assignment was to experiment with the system today and report when he called back at 7:00PM. Unfortunately he called back at 5:00PM and I missed his calls. Several things have happened since we talked.

Normally when I dial *228 the system offers a software update which I activate. Yesterday, however, the system offered an additional option which was to update the Roaming capability which I did. Then I repeated the call to get a software update as well. Next I experimented with pressing the phone button on the steering wheel when leaving a message and discovered that that insures the message is left. If I do not press the phone switch on the steering wheel and I am calling a landline and leaving a message there will be a tone after 10 seconds and the system will send the message. IF I am calling another Verizon phone and I do not press the phone button, a long pause will be followed by the message, "We did not get your call because you were not speaking or because of a bad connection." After that the call is dropped. I tested the landline target from 8 different locations in South Austin and not pressing the steering wheel phone button yields a tone after ten seconds followed by a Call Ended message on the radio. When I get home and check the landline phone all messages were delivered correctly. To repeat, calling a Verizon phone will not yield the same results and one must always press the phone button on the steering wheel to send the message. Correspondingly, if one is not in the car one is not subject to the hands free law one still must press the "1" button to deliver a voice mail message, otherwise nothing happens if calling a Verizon phone. When not in the car calling a landline everything works whether one presses 1 or not.

This discovery solves the problem but does not answer the question of why it works the way it does. I remember that not doing anything after leaving a voice message used to work always no matter what kind of phone was at the other end. That was certainly true in Sacramento. The problems seem to have showed up here in Austin within the last year.

Thanks for your attention.

Raymond Zachary