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lg exalt 2 ringtones

So after much research and irritation trying to navigate Verizon's poorly run website I seem to have come to the conclusion that because verizon (incomprehensibly) requires you to be able to download an app just to buy ringtones (but somehow you can still buy ringback tones online **MYSTERIOUS**)  and my exalt 2 (despite being a brand new phone) cannot seem to download verizon tones, I cannot purchase ringtones for my phone. My crappy virgin mobile prepaid phone FIFTEEN years ago had a library of hundreds of available ringtones available, online. Verizon itself used to have a media store online! The only logical reason I can see to make you download an app to buy ringtones is to punish basic phone users for not paying for one of their expensive data plans. I know I have a basic phone. I don't want to use apps or fancy crap on my phone. I just want a decent ringtone, and that seems pretty reasonable to me seeing as how it was perfectly possible just a few years ago on much simpler phones. did we move back in time? I mean it's one thing to not offer something, but it's pretty snotty to stop offering something that you used to have while jacking up the price year after year. Verizon ought to be embarrassed by not only its lackluster and shamefully small selection of non-smartphones (none of which really have decent reviews), but the lack of even the most BASIC services available on them. I mean it's not like I'm complaining that I can't play candy crush. I just want a freakin' ringtone that doesn't sound like an 80's arcade game.

I would be only too happy to eat my words if someone could prove me wrong and explain how to get verizon tones on my phone. If I click on "shop ringtones" all i get is "college pics and tones" which no self respecting person would subscribe to. Clicking on browse and download does indeed open a store to browse apps but verizon tones is not among them.

Rant over. thank you.

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Re: lg exalt 2 ringtones
Customer Support

Your many years of loyalty mean the world to us dwick84. Wanting to buy a ring tone is not much to ask and I want you to be able to purchase one. What happens when you try to download a ring tone? Have you every been able to download one? I have the perfect link for you. Check this out .

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Re: lg exalt 2 ringtones


having looked at the link you gave listing steps to get ringtones, I discovered

the following does not exist on the Exalt 2 phone:

  1. Select Get It Now.

If you're going to represent Verizon, it would probably be better if you knew if the link you provide is "the perfect link for you" before you say that. 

The only ringtone app available for downloading on the Exalt 2 is "College Pix & Tones" with "86 of your favorite NCAA teams'" pics and ringtones.  Only $1.99 to download and $4.99/month!

Get it together Verizon!
Even basic phone users might expect more than 8 ringtone options. 

Re: lg exalt 2 ringtones

This is how I got my own ringtones on my Verizon LG Exalt  II:

1) I installed a microSD card in my phone and formatted it (creates the directories).

phone: menu / settings and tools / memory / card memory / format

2) Connected my phone to my Windows 7 pc using the usb cable that came with the phone.

phone: menu / settings and tools / USB Mode /  Mass Storage

phone: menu / tools / USB Mass Storage

3) Installed the LG Software from the phone (or LG site) on my computer. After a few hiccups (reconnect, reformat sd card, restart pc) I got phone's sd card recognized as a mounted drive when plugging my phone into my pc.

4) Copied a MyNewRingtone.mp3 file from my Windows pc to the ringtones directory on the sd card in my phone. Then I disconnected my phone from my Windows pc.

5) Moved the MyNewRingtone.mp3 file from the sd card to my phones memory ringtones.

phone: menu / settings and tools / memory / card memory / My Ringtones / options / move

6) Set my phone's ringtone to MyNewRingtone.

phone: menu / settings and tools / sounds settings / call sounds / call ringtone / set to  MyNewRingtone