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phone keeps redialing only when in standby

I'm having a hard time making any sense of this.  I must have changed some setting by accident recently but I can't figure out what it could be.

This is an old flip phone.  The scenario is that if the phone is open it doesn't ever try to redial.  If I close it as soon as it goes into standby (front screen goes dark) it immediately begins trying to redial.

I erased all call history.  It still tries to redial and just says there are no recent calls.

I thought maybe something was causing it to think the send button was being pushed so I tried closing it enough to get it to go into standby but not all the way to the point where the top was even up against the bottom.  Definitely nothing hitting any buttons.  Still redials.

I verified auto-retry is off.  I powered the phone off and on.  I disabled outgoing calls through security settings.  I locked the phone before closing it.  None of this helped.

I really only use this phone so I can get important text messages now.  I'm planning to replace it when I return to the States but I really need it to work for a little while longer.  The annoying thing is that with this behavior I won't hear text messages, phone calls the alarm or anything if it is trying to redial at that time (which it does constantly).  So I'm forced to keep checking the phone manually and at night I have to leave it open.

I just can't figure out what would make the phone want to redial only when it is in standby mode?

Its an old Samsung sch-u360.  It was working fine until a couple of days ago when this behavior started.  I'm sure I must have accidentally changed some setting somewhere but after going through every setting I just don't know what it could be.

I'm a bit afraid to do the reset factory settings because I am out of the country and don't have good contact with the Verizon network where I am at.  I have been told that the phone will be useless if you try to reset when it is not in good range of the verizon network but I'm not sure if that is true. 

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Re: phone keeps redialing only when in standby
Customer Support

I know its important to have a working phone while traveling outside the country charles48. I'm sorry your having issues with your Samsung device and we appreicate you trying all those trouble-shooting steps to get it fixed. The only setting to turn off is the auto-retry and you check this setting. Is there any damage to the device?

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