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seriously sick of verizon

I apologize for griping on a Verizon forum but I am sick of Verizon Wireless.  I have had it now for eight years and every year I am more and more dissatisfied with it's service and especially their rates. I would love to get out of my plan but somehow I feel like I always get tricked into committing to another 2 years. That is my fault though for falling for it. As soon as we get the money, I am paying for the termination of this contract because we just cannot afford it anymore. I do not understand how a $100 unlimited plan turns in to $154. It baffles me.

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Re: seriously sick of verizon
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Sorry but some of that is things like sales taxes 911 fees USF fees which Verizon is forced to pay to the government. You will face these charges no matter which carrier you go with. Also if you don't want to pay these fees I suggest you take that up with you local, state and federal governments.

Re: seriously sick of verizon

I'm getting tired of Verizon as well. I went to upgrade to a new phone and they said instead of the $100 discount I used to get after haveing a phone for a year I had to pay the real cost of the phone and a $50 penalty for early upgrade unless I kept my phone for 2 years because their policies had changed. Yet any Joe Blow could walk in off the street and get the same phone for $100 with a new account.  Then when I got divorced they said I couldnt get my own account and keep my unlimited data even though I've been with them for 7yrs. so me and my ex stayed on the account together as we both use a lot of data for work. Then I'm talking to a rep almost a year later and she says "no you can keep it" and it takes her about ten minutes to open a new account for me. Their Customer service has gone to CRAP but I feel like I'm locked in because if I go anywhere else I will lose the unlimited data and other things that are Grandfathered into my account. So I'm at their mercy.

Re: seriously sick of verizon
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if you have an upgrade you can upgrade at joe blows cost. upgrade fee is 30 not 50..most of what you said doesnt make any sense.

Re: seriously sick of verizon

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Re: seriously sick of verizon

Your post is very conflicting.

If Joe Blow goes to Verizon, Your gonna get a better deal than him.

If you buy an Iphone for 99 bucks and pay 30$ for an upgrade you paid 129 plus taxes right?

Well if Joe Blow gets a phone he pays 99 plus 35$ activation fee, so he paid 134 plus taxes.

How are you spending more money?

The NE2 discount was phased out long ago. So now you actually have to pay the price of the phone that everyone else pays? At any carrier? and your complaining? Notice how you said the real price of the phone. So you know your not being jipped in any way.

Verizon is in the business selling cell service not phones. They make their money off the service not your phone.

Yes you need a phone to get their service but hey they don't make money for selling you a phone they make it with selling you their service.