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text message receive time an hour in the past...

recently got a replacement for a defective phone (Pantech Hotshot). Everything works fine, but there's a strange quirk with the text messages.  Any messages sent are fine, but any I receive show that they were received an hour before they actually were. 


I send a text from another phone to the Hotshot. The other phone reports the time sent as 11:48am (the correct time)

When the message is received by the Hotshot a few seconds later, the message info shows the following:


Mon Oct 7, 10:48am


Mon Oct 7 11:49am.

There's no delay or problem in sending, just the odd timestamp behavior. I'm in EST, we haven't had any recent Daylight savings changes. the sending phone is on the same plan, and shows no other problem.  when sending messages from the hotshot the receiving phone shows the right timestamp.

last, I tried *228 option 2 and 'pulling the battery, waiting 30 second'.

So I don't think it's a problem with the phone... something on the network

Edit: oh, the same behavior occurs when a message is sent to the Hotshot from any other phone, whether or our plan or someone else's, I believe even on a different carrier.

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Re: text message receive time an hour in the past...
Customer Support

This is a bizarre issue, NRJank. I'll do all I can to get to the bottom of this. I believe that we need to submit a resolution ticket. Please follow me (ChaunceyM_VZW) and send a direct message. Provide me with your contact number and the best time to call. I look forward to speaking with you.


Follow us on twitter @VZWSuppport

Re: text message receive time an hour in the past...

thanks. both done.

another thought: this is a reconditioned phone. possible it was originally used in some other timezone, and something somewhere is retaining that timezone setting?