Rebate expired?

Well, I had planned on using the Gift Card and Virtual MasterCards I received when I came to Verizon to pay down each monthly bill to keep the monthly cost lower.  I discovered that the the Virtual MasterCards expired at the end of 2021... no warning, no monthly statements, no communication at all.

The only time this expiration is communicated is in the welcome e-mail. 

I contacted the Rebate company.  The confirmed that yes, I did have 2 cards but they expired.  No recourse at all... all while saying that my "satisfaction is our top priority."

Yes, I should have tracked it, I get it.  My biggest issue is that this kind of thing is a simply horrible way to treat customers!  Just one e-mail to remind people that the card would be expiring is all it would take.

Is there any help available from Verizon?  

Thanks for the help.

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Calling_jihn_galt, we always want you to take advantage of any eligible refunds. We can help here. My apologies for issues with your Prepaid MasterCard, you would need to contact the Card Services for additional options on your expired cards .  Visit the link provided in your Virtual Card email to check the balance of your Prepaid Mastercard and view transactions. Or contact Card Services by calling (877) 884-9593.-Pamela

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When cleaning out my desk, I found a $50 rebate card I never used. It has expired. I read your reply to another member of the community and tried your suggestions. The most information I got was that they don't have my number. You say that you want people to get money that is theirs, but clearly, there does not appear to be any means to recoup money on expired cards. You should have just said that and not cause people to waste their time trying in good faith to do as you suggest. Shame on Verizon.