$1600 charge for Canada to US calls made on discontinued plan


I’m a US resident and was recently on vacation in Canada for a few weeks.  During that time, I called my family for about an hour everyday.

Upon arriving back in the states, Verizon informed me of a $1600.00 monthly phone bill.

Being a Verizon customer for 10 years, I’m apparently on a discontinued plan that does not include Canada talk/text/data.

I’ve called and spoken with billing support who have noted the charges are legitimate and there’s “nothing they can do.”

The case is being reviewed by management level but I’m afraid they won’t help me out. Seems like being a loyal customer for a decade means nothing which is pretty disappointing.

I’m fully aware this is my mistake as I should have checked my plan but I assumed I was fine considering every plan currently offered by Verizon includes Canada/Mexico talk.

Does anyone have any advice for a situation like this?

Thank you!

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Customer Service Rep

We value your loyalty, and we definitely want to make sure that you are properly informed about the features on your account when traveling. We contacted you via Private Note to further assist. ~Geo