$2,000 charge and the worst experience in my life
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From September 2022, I will come to Verzion. I bought 5 phones and decided to return 2 of them. At this point, the nightmare began.

The first time, after I returned those two phones (which had already been delivered), I found out that the two phones still exist in my account.

I started the first round of Chat conversation,
After about hours of talking and the tracking number I provided. They said ok I will fix it, you should wait a week or so and the problem should be solved.

A week latter

But the problem was not resolved so the second round of conversations started and they told me to wait another week. ---Okay, I'll wait.

I found that the problem was still not resolved, so the third round of Chat started, (this time it was finally resolved...--No!not!)
I asked them why the two mobile phones in my account still exist in my account, and they told me that although the mobile phone has been returned but I did not cancel the service, it is still displayed in my account. what? Why do I need to cancel the service, shouldn't it be automatically canceled after I return the phone? and it still charge me the bill for the phone for a mouth even I returned it, they told me it's my responsibility because I didnt cancel the line . I said ok, please cancel for me.

I paid more than 500 in November, and I don't know why it is so much, but I saw that the next month's bill is estimated to be a normal price, so I thought, forget it, it doesn't matter, anyway, the problem is solved. ---December bill is indeed normal, I thought it would be over, but---I was wrong.

So, the fourth round of Chat started,
The reason was an extra $2000 charge on my bill.
I first asked the agent why they had to pay so much, and they said it was the paid out of my two mobile phones. What? I have returned it? After a long conversation, and submitting the tracking number again, they said they would submit a ticket and I should show up within a week. But I was due to pay in a few days and they said they would suspend my payment.

a week later. . .

ok, i know, the problem is still not solved
So, the fifth round of Chat started, and they asked me to re-provide the tracking number to prove that I had returned it (funny, it has beem 4 month). Luckily I still have it. In a long conversation they said they would submit a ticket. I said but I already have one. . . No response from agent for about 10 minutes. . . They said ok we have escalated your case and you should see a $2000 credit on your next two bill payments. What the XXXX, so I should pay this 2000 bill first and then wait 2 months before I get the 2000 "credit"? (yes credit, what can I do with that 2000$ uesless credit). They said yes. . . I said can you get a manager to talk to, it's unreasonable and they said ok wait a minute. . . 10 minutes later. . "message not delivery"......I know its gonna happen....

I really don't know what to do now?

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Re: $2,000 charge and the worst experience in my life
Customer Service Rep

Hello. Sorry to hear about the troubles you experienced with your account. This is definitely not the experience we want you to have. Our goal is to always provide you the best experience. We'll send you a private message/note, so we can message and safeguard your information. Thank you. ~Louis

Re: $2,000 charge and the worst experience in my life
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I dont see any private message/note so far