2 year contract

I recently tried to upgrade my internet service to Gigabit but unfortunately because of the age of my equipment and the fact that I use WiFi for my laptop connections, I cannot take advantage of the Gigabit speeds. It took a few days of troubleshooting and multiple support sessions to come to this realization. I asked Verizon to cancel the order for Gigabit and put me back to my original agreement and they informed me that the old package and price were no longer available to me. Really!?!?! Then, after more support sessions and a lengthy customer service call I was told that I could change back to the old package at a higher price but that I could not cancel the 2 year contract. The only reason I agreed to a 2 year contract was for the Gigabit internet package that I can't use. If the package can't be used, shouldn't the contract be void for both parties!?!?!? Verizon says it will cost me $350 to cancel the contract.

I'm going to contact the BBB and my local politicians to see if they can do anything but I was wondering if anyone else on this forum has had similar issues and if they got any positive results.

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