2 year customer

So this is my Verizon story....
I've been a customer for over 2 years and just had everything upgraded to quantum. .
I've been a good customer and in the past 4 months I rented out my finished garage, I'm a truck driver so I'm gone a lot but my wife and 7 kids are home, the deal was my renter was to pay Verizon, gas, and trash as rent.. that said he was using 3rd party payment systems to pay bills and moved out 2 weeks ago, 50% of the payments some 3 months old came back returned all at the same time, and since he has moved he very cleverly left me with 1 option small claims.. As I saw the bill 1100.00 it had a notification to be paid by September 4, 3 days ago I woke up to all shut off, hmmm I call and speak to Mr blahblah as he must me a shot caller as he actually would only use his last name.. I was informed a letter was mailed within 7 days ago and they guess I'll get it in 5 so leaves 2 days to respond, ok first off I never got any letter and most importantly NO PHONE CALL OR EMAIL, I was then told by MR Blahblah since I didn't respond they terminated my service and only when I pay full balance I'll be transferred to sales as I have to set up new service... I already have 1 router 6 boxes... Now if he wasn't  like he was Mr verizon and this was personal (that kind of person) this probably would have gone in a way different direction, but after being a customer for over 2+ years and blahblah treating me like I've had service for 5 hrs I thought... Hmm if I acted this way I would have no customers and be on welfare, I've had customers with issues and I've worked with them they pay off their balance and they use me 1st as there oversized transport service and so I've made lot more money keeping them as a customer, I offered Mr blahblah 500.00 right then and 600.00 on the due date of the notification September 4 (cash) and that would leave a 0.00 balance. ... Nope he didn't want to hear it, so I hung up the phone called the other cable companies got the same package and lot more for 75.00 less.. I went picked up the devices and had tv/Internet (300mbs) up and running with in 2 hrs.. Now was it worth losing a long time customer who didn't mind paying a bit more for fios? Who can't wait to tell verizon that he will only pay off the final bill 5.00 a month as I've decided that it's all I can afford... That there's a few things worth taking a hit on my credit report and this now tops everything. . Who will share this story till I die or can't remember anything anymore. .. hope it was worth it as I know it was... my new cable provider gave me 300.00 visa gift card for switching from Verizon and not 1 but 2 dell 2 in 1 tabs and free box rent on 6 HD boxes till 2016 and every movie channel for 14.00 a month and 300 speed Internet for the price of 30 mbs. .. Verizon thank you for employing Mr blahblah