I have been 20+ year loyal customer of Verizon.   I stay with Verizon because I've never had any issues and customer service was the best.  I could have gone to other service providers that were less expensive but the extra money was worth it to me.  On social media if anyone asked for cell phone provider recommendations, I always wrote how long I've been with Verizon and how great the customer service is.  At this point, I'm about to switch from Verizon because with this mess, I can't even get anyone at Verizon to jump in and see that this is unacceptable to expect a customer to have continue to call in regarding the same issue that they said they would resolved.

My issue goes back to mid 2022.  We traded in 3 phones at different times.  My husband's phone he started getting the credit for his upgrade right away.  However, my adult daughter and I did not get our credits.  I've called in a number of times and held on the line for hours explaining the issue and for them to tell me they escalated the credit request and that I should receive the credits within the next 1 or 2 billing cycles.  The last time I called (prior to today) was back in Jan, 2023 and I again was on the call for hours explaining the issue and waiting for them to research notes and research.  At that time, the lady I spoke to finally offered to take my number and call me back since I had been on the phone so long.  I asked her to please call me back.  She NEVER called me back, what she did was send me a text message (I still have this text message) that said, "Verizon Msg:  I have filled out a form for the credit to take place so I wont have to call you back.  You should see the credit applied next bill."  I replied back to her, "For both phones?" and she never replied back.  The next message I got was what looked to be a system confirmation of a support ticket. 

10 months later, still no device credits have been applied to the two phone numbers I've been calling about.  Today I called in again and was on the phone for another little over an hour.  I said there are supposed to be lots of notes from multiple calls about this same issue.  The gentleman said the support ticket that was submitted from the last call was rejected because it was submitted incorrectly.  Really?!  So it rejects and no one does anything about it?  Fix it and resubmit it?!  What kind of customer service is this?  This is so unfair to your loyal customers Verizon.   So after another wasted hour, supposing this is escalated in two different requests.  And again, you will see the credits in 1 to 2 billing cycles.

I wouldn't even be posting this but there is no way for me to escalate this.  If I ask to speak to a manager, they tell me a manager isn't available and they will be able to help me.  I no longer have any faith that your support team is doing what they say they are.  Each time I'm reassured that this is being escalated and this time we will get the issue resolved.  Each time they tell me the credits will show in 1 to 2 billing cycles.  Why is a higher up not noticing this is an issue and jumping in?  

My monthly bill is approximately $400 a month.  I'm seriously thinking about switching providers.  If I'm not getting taken care of by Verizon then I might as well pay for the type of service I'm getting.  There is no reason for me to pay more for a service where I can't justify what I'm paying more for.  

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We value your loyalty for these 20 years and regret the whole ordeal with your promotional credits. We'd like to take a closer look to your situation and options and for that purpose I'll send a Private Note, please reply to it, so we can get started.