$200 Promo Credit Not Given
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I switched to Verizon from T-Mobile during the holiday season because of a promotional credit Verizon offered of $200 per line switched. I switched 4 lines and so expected to receive $800 in total. I talked to multiple online representatives and employees at an official store about how I should get the promotional credit. I was told that it would apply automatically to my billing statement after 2-3 billing cycles. As I still did not see the credit in this month's bill, I contacted an online representative who informed me that I needed to request the rebate through the My Verizon website within 30 days of activating the line and that since the deadline has now passed, I cannot get the credit.

In essence, Verizon told me I would be given the rebate automatically a few months after switching and when at that time, I asked why I hadn't been given the rebate yet, they said that I can't get it anymore. Worse, I have gone through all communication I have ever received from Verizon (email, messages, etc.) and nowhere does it say how I could get the $200 credit. Even if I had been told by a magical fairy two months ago the correct process for getting the credit, I could not actually have carried the process out because it required a promo code which I had also never been given.

Verizon has lied throughout this process to ensure that I would never get the $800 credit because of which I switched to them in the first place. I certainly did not expect such deceptive practices from a major company.

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Re: $200 Promo Credit Not Given
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Hi there. I am so sorry this happened to you! Your My Verizon app should have had a tile on the home page, probably at the bottom during the eligible period to apply that would have provided this. You can also in the future reach out to us Care members and we can share the code, and send the link of where to go to Submit this.