$250 Gift Card Not Received


Switched from Comcast in February I believe. Part of the reason was because Verizon locked in our price for 3 years, gave us much better internet service, and included the ability to use DVR. The final reason is because Fios offered us a $250 gift card.

I'm very happy with the service, and the technician that came to set up our Fios was TOP NOTCH! Unfortunately, I haven't heard anything about the gift card. I noticed someone else said that they received confirmation for their gift card, but I never even received that. I'm very concerned that Verizon is not going to hold up that part of the bargain.

What can I do if I haven't received the confirmation post card?

Thank you!

Re: $250 Gift Card Not Received
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Community Leader

Your talking to peers here.

They typically take 3 months to get your gift card.  However make sure you check to see if its on your account.  There used to be a spot for you to check, but my old link doesn't work anymore.   Perhaps someone else nows the current link or you may find it in some of the info verizon sent you.