$250 Gift Card

Anyone in the Baltimore region have any luck with the $250 gift card for signing up??  We had a door to door guy (Kyle) come through back in October/November 2017 and sign a bunch of us up and state that we would be eligible for a $250 gift card after 90 days.  I even confirmed this the day of my installation in a phone call with Patty. 

Now I'm calling 90 days after to see what I have to do to obtain it and a very arrogant supervisor (Nirala) is arguing with me telling me that she "knows our promotions offers and programs and that this offer hasn't been available for over a year" which I KNOW isn't true because I was receiving the flyers in the mail as soon as verizon got put into my neighborhood and it hasn't even been a YEAR!! 

Anyone still have those flyers/promotional material?  This seems to be an issue with Verizon...

Re: $250 Gift Card
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This issue has been escalated to a Verizon agent.