$2k bill sent to collections - never even activated service.

I am reaching out BEGGING someone at your company to please help me! On April 20th, 2021 I signed up for Verizon Wireless and paid $187 to start brand new service for 2 iPhone 12 Pro Max's, they were set to be delivered on April 23rd. However, FedEx never delivered them and the driver signed for them using "COVID" as the signature. I contacted your company who told me that I needed to contact Assurion who would then send out replacements that were refurbished. I was not happy with this and requested to instead cancel my services. The representative said they cancelled the services, cancelled all charges, and I would receive a $187 refund. For 6 months now I have been talking to various people at Verizon who have sworn they have helped me and the account is cancelled and a $187 check is coming in the mail for a refund. I just got a collections letter! I never received these phones, I filed a claim with FedEx, I never even activated services and the bill is for over $2,000! I shouldn't owe anything as I never had service!

Re: $2k bill sent to collections - never even activated service.

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