30/5 internet for $95/mo?

I am very displeased having come to the realization that I have been overpaying for my Fios internet services. This came about when I was talking with some friends at work and realized they were paying less than I was for a gigabit of service both with Verizon and with other companies. I switched from a location where I was receiving much faster speeds, as well as TV, and was mislead into very slow speeds at around the same price I had been paying. Recently, my bill went from $75 to $95 for no apparent reason! I was able to call in to get another “promotional discount” applied that brought it down to $85 a month. I am thinking about switching services, but had generally good customer support from Verizon and I do not wish to pay an ETF. I wouldn’t mind staying, but I think my bill should match the services I’m receiving. Any suggestions?