$372.92 Verizon Bill - NO THANK YOU
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Got my bill from Verizon today and it was the same amount as a car payment. Thats it, I am out of here.

Left that place as an emplyee, 6 months ago, best thing ever. Now, leaving their services all together, truely the best thing ever. Called in to discuss bill and of course I get their typical employee on the other end. Could of cared less about my bill and wanting to help me out. Now I know why Verizon has been rated THE WORST for customer service and it is simply sad that they put their customers through that kind of treatment, daily.


Re: $372.92 Verizon Bill - NO THANK YOU
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Do you have any idea why it is so high?  Is it different than it was before?

Note that if you're talking about Verizon Wireless, you might want to visit their forums.  These forums are dedicated to  fixed residential services; FiOS, DSL and phone.