4 Months of Lies and trying to get equipement creditd
Hello -
  1. April had issue with FIOS, two hours on phone, they said was my extender, sent me new  one.  I have been in technology for 30 years, I KNEW she was reading off a script and this was NOT going to resolve the problem.  I told her the 5G was not being picked up anymore, she explain 'oh that was changed you won't see that'.   Absolutely false information given by this person.
  2. Extender received, as expected it didn't work.  Called and another hour on the phone with person so they send someone out.
  3. they send FIOS out..  Did nothing more than tell me that what they told me about the 5G not showing up was not true.  He connected some Bluetooth to see if my service was good and he said it was, even though CLEARLY the extender was NOT working.  But because his little app didn't tell him anything, he was completely clueless.  He left with no information.   Told me it 'might ' be firmware update they were having issues, but said that he knew nothing about it.  Do your people not communicate with each other?
  4.  Two weeks later the old extender starts working miraculously
  5.  Was told by FIOS it was a firmware upgrade that caused the problems .  Now I return the extender they sent me.  
  6. 5/22 called talk to Carrie as it was not credited.   She states because my bill was as of 5/18 and they received on 5/22 it would be on next bill.  She SWORE she would call me if it was not.  It was not and obviously she didn't call.  When i questioned her about calling and she swore she was going to call an she said she is the only Carrie in the Tourtoil(?) office.  Total call time 64 minutes. 
  7. Next bill comes only to see it was not credited. Called on 6/22 talked to Jerry.  He said he was going to put a claim in and it would be reflected. Because he didn't know why it wasn't showing but he could clealry see it was returned. The next day could see online my 'balance was redueced' but bill remaned the same, so I paid the remainder.  He also swore he would call Tuesday to confirm it was credidt, and didn't call.  So now it says I owe 0 so I figure I'm good. Then guess what, I look Friday 7/5 and it says i owe 119.99.  Tried calling on hold for 30 minutes then figure why bother.  Total tine so far on my part about 10+ hours .
  8. I understand that each person knows only the very small component of their very specific job, but at some point, someone needs to be able to resolve this. I have all the details of everyone I spoke to, names, times, promises, exact words. The promise to call must obviously be some blanket statement all the CS tell customers as the words were exactly the same.   This to me is a LIE, it's not mis-information, it is a LIE, and that is not acceptable.
I had two chat (bots or whatever they are) providing me with a cusotmer server e-mail that they swore was monitored.  No responce.
So now what.. is this something that happens all the time and out of frustration, people just give up?
Re: 4 Months of Lies and trying to get equipement creditd

Hi jeanneMH,

Your issue has been escalated to a Verizon agent.  Please check your Private Message Inbox for a message from Verizon_Support.  You can find your Inbox by clicking on your username at the top right corner of this page.  Please direct all correspondence concerning your issue to the agents who will be assisting you privately.