$40 monthly up-charge for moving existing services to newly purchased house

I'm a current Verizon Fios customer and just recently purchased my first house. My husband and I were excited to learn that our new home is already wired for Verizon Fios. The not so exciting part is finding out that Verizon is going to charge us $40 MORE per month to move the SAME EXACT services to said new home! What is the point of being a loyal customer and actually moving our services with us when the company we're attempting to show loyalty to penalises us for doing so?

Paying an additional $960 ($610 after the $350 gift card the online agent mentioned as some sort of bonus) for the SAME EXACT services over the course of a 2-year contract is insane. Especially considering the fact that we just purchased a home that we have no intentions of ever moving from, a fact I would have assumed equals a win business wise for Verizon. At this point, it'd make more sense financially to pay the $230 cancellation fee rather than move our set of services to our new house.

The ever-growing numbers of people ditching cable and cobbling a bunch of other random services together in an effort to save money sounded crazy to me before, but now, paying $40 more per month just to actually continue being a "loyal" customer sounds even crazier. I seriously cannot fathom this being a good business practice model. Someone must be able to do something about this.