50+ Hours talking to Verizon - Empty Promises/No Resolution after HUGE Billing Errors, Plan Errors, and HUGE mess buying devices

Does anybody have a direct line to a Verizon manager or somebody that actually does something instead of promising me it's fixed and then doing nothing? I have been on the phone with Verizon Customer Service for 50+ hours, it took over a month to receive 3 out of 4 of my devices. I was charged 3 times for the devices (twice on my credit card and then again on my bill). The line ported in has not been completed and the SIM card still hasn't arrived (2+ months later). My first bill was 3-4x what I was quoted, and they haven't sorted it out still after 15+ hours on the phone.  


My phone has been erroneously turned off 4 times. I asked for a manager yesterday and was just abandoned on hold for 6+ hours with no intention of solving my problem yesterday. Phone was finally turned back on, then today it was off again and I had to spend another 1.5 hours on the phone with them. They promise it's ok now, but they have said that 4 times in the last week already and it hasn't been true. 

 My subsequent billing isn't sorted out to my quoted rate. They keep promising me credits on the next bill, which doesn't show up and isn't a resolution. This is crazy. Has anyone had any success sorting out these sorts of things with them this whole thing has been a problem of their creation and their only solution is to just give Verizon more money than I agreed to do and believe after all this that Verizon will sort it out? #customerserivce #billingerror #horrible #helpme

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Customer Service Rep

We are so sorry to hear about this experience, and would love to help in any way we can. Through chat, we can go over billing, and can help clarify any issues you have been experiencing! If you'd like to DM us we can go over any concerns, or questions you may have! We hope you have a great day! We are here 24/7, if you need us.