$500 Gift Card Status


On May 28, I entered into a new 24-month contract with Verizon- although I was already a Fios customer, I had not had a formal contract with Verizon for over three years up to that point.  That day I logged into my account just to see what was out there for services on Fios and to see if I wanted to modify anything on my account.  When I went through the options at the bottom of the screen was something saying that I would be receiving a $500 gift card.  I even called Verizon and spoke with a representative to make sure that this deal was for real, and I was assured it was, so I re-upped my contract for two years.

I called customer service a couple of days ago to find out the status of the gift card and was transferred to three different people (and a considerable amount of time on hold between all the transfers) before I was given another number to call.  By that time I was sufficiently aggravated and did not call; I feel like I have gotten nowhere with customer service.  

How can I find out about the status of this promotion?

Thank you!

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