7 Supervisors and Representatives making promise to pay and reneges
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I have been with Verizon for 3 years and the past 2 have been AWFUL with them. I have a business acct and of course during Covid they offered to help by sustaining billing for a while. It did help. But when it was over, the atrocious numbers I was forced to pay all at once crippled my company. It took me six months to measure up and get it controlled. And they were NASTY about it.  HOWEVER, not as bad as lately. I have had a good run of bad luck in terms of health and death in the family and have had to juggle payments and talk to them weekly to keep my service on. They really dont want to help you. And the front line is only there to get you to pay current bills. They have NO power. Ask for a supervisor as quick as you can, but BEWARE. The conversation you will have is dependent on how kind the person is. I can go from person to person and get 3 different answers and solutions. But LATELY I have got nothing but lies and misinformation. Reps telling me your acct is secured until this date and then they cut you off. I have EMAILS from a representative stating that they have supressed my acct from any action to help me through a hospital stay.  It was a lie. It was cut off and when I called to ask of it, 2 managers said there was no such email written. I offered to send them their email back, they said no. It didnt matter and sorry, but you have been misinformed.  What the heck???? Finally after 4 supervisors I got Mary who did a little looking and FOUND it.  I about cried. She helped me make a managable payment that secured my service until this past weekend. He said I would have until Monday to make the payment and then corrected himself and said actually Monday is holiday. So call on Tuesday and because I am a supervisor I am notating your acct and giving you the full day to do so.  He didnt. My phone was off when I woke today. And when I called I was treated like dirt and I was forced to pay everything. I was told by one rep that I had a myriad of options and I could pay 5 different ways. (A lie) She said all supervisors were busy and she would notate the acct. She directed me to got to a Verizon store and make a payment and that everything would be good. (a lie) NO ONE is ACCOUNTABLE. No one is there to help. They are there to collect. I have asked to talk to people each time that was ahead of the supervisor and I get hung up on and go through it all again. This passage will probably be deleted and left unanswered. I am out of contract and will go elsewhere for my business. It is horrible that they make you feel this way, when you are trying to make payments and get assistance. Disgusting.

Re: 7 Supervisors and Representatives making promise to pay and reneges
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We are concerned to hear you are having  issues with your account and want to make sure you get the help you need. Here via Social Media we do service personal accounts. Business accounts are handled directly through Business Care at 1-800-922-0204.