ALERT - Unauthorized Service Change Email
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Just a warning to people who have Call Forwarding and/or Home Voicemail on their phone line.

A few days ago, I received an unsolicited email from Verizon about a service call.   The strange part was that I didnt not make a service call to Verizon, so I ignored it.   Figured it was an errant email.

Around the same time, I started noticing my incoming calls were being forwarded to the Home Voicemail after two rings.  I thought it was possibly reset somehow, so I called Verizon to get that fixed. 

The same day, I get a call from Dell regarding a large number of purchases from them.  Luckily, I was nearby to answer the call.  I learned a Dell credit card was opened in my name.  After checking my credit reports, I learned a Best Buy credit card account was also opened on the same day I received the service call email from Verizon. 

After some investigation, I learned that Call Forwarding was enabled to an unknown phone number.  Apparently, the thief was hoping to redirect any warning calls, as well as, answer any order confirmation calls from retailers or credit card issuers.

Bottom line... beware of any unsolicited service changes to your Verizon account and follow-up, in particular, Call Forwarding or Home Voicemail.  You might be a victim of identity theft too.

Also, you can password protect your Verizon account from any unauthorized service changes. 

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Wow. Thank you for posting this. I hope you got everything resolved. It's always good to follow up on suspicious things!