ANOTHER $300 gift card issue

Unfortunately, it would appear this isn't an isolated incident by the amount of threads dedicated to similar problems. 

Installation was on 10/25/2013.  I received an e-mail on 12/31 saying my reward was on its way.  After checking the status page, it says it shipped on 1/26 via Priority Mail, which is odd considering that's a Sunday.  Still haven't received the card, or the mail it says I should get beforehand with the PIN.  I did just receive my new bill, however, so they definitely have my correct address.  I also don't understand why the don't include a tracking number for these.  Everything seems fishy here....

I was at my post office, and they even said it was odd that it would ship on that date, and that if it had indeed shipped then, I absolutely should have received it by now.  Frustrating, to say the least.