Account holder incarcerated


I have been trying to take my cell phone off of my soon-to-be-ex husband's account for months. I have requested this off him in every method possible short of sending him a letter, but he refuses. He will not transfer the line to my own account even though I have had this cell phone number for years before we married. I have requested the transfer from him multiple times and tried to get Verizon to help me as well. Verizon has been absolutely useless.

He was charged with domestic violence against me, hence why I left. He has now been charged with domestic violence against his new girlfriend and is incarcerated for a while. Shocking, I know. Obviously he won't be paying the phone bill or able to transfer my line. On our line he has 3 of his own devices, a friend of his, and my line. I just want my phone number! But I can't afford to pay his huge bill. 

So, is there anything I can do? I am so sick of Verizon telling me about their policy because I'm not the account holder. Obviously there are some extenuating circumstances, maybe try to show some compassion. I just want my phone back. 


Re: Account holder incarcerated
Customer Service Rep

Hello. We are sorry to hear about what you have gone through. It is never our intention to make this transaction difficult. We would love to help any way we can, but you will need to be an assigned user on the account. Send us a Private Note, so we can gather more information about what is going on, and so assist you. *Heaven