Account locked, waited TWO hours on phone ... and still no help
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I called Verizon three times today.

First to the website help...waited for an hour for them to answer.  Told them the situation, I was locked out of account. The security questions didn't work. I don't have the account number because I am signed up for the paperless billing, and I have a bill due today.  Can you reset my password or do anything so I can get in to pay my bill.

The answer was - do you have a phoneline? I said well yes I have Verizon digital phone, but it has been unplugged for over two months because of spam calls at all hours day and night and I am only allowed to block 10 numbers at once, so I still pay for my phoneline but don't use it and put my phones in the garage they say, well sorry, the only thing we can do is send you a temp password through your phoneline sorry.  So I said (politely of course) you are telling me the only way for me to sign into my account is for me to dig into the garage find the phones, plug them in, have you send the temp to that? He said yes, I said ...well, I need to get to class, will do it later.

Then I thought about it - I am paying nearly $200.00 per month, and they have my cellphone number attached to this account (verified), and I have to use a password pin when calling customer sevice so they know it is me, how can they NOT verify it is me, so I called back to regular customer service, and told them everything - she said - sorry there is nothing I can do for you here, they need to help you at the website number.

Before I leave, I dig around in the garage, pull out the digital phones, plug them in and leave.

I get home from a long day, still haven't paid the bill yet, dial the website number again, and wait, and wait, and wait, then when I hit over one hour on hold, I hung up.

I look at my digital phones, the batteries are totally dead and unchargable, and I am not purchasing new phones or batteries just to get into the website.

I tried to sign into the help forums using both my residential username and a different community name (I have two) neither I had to make this account just to sign in here and post this.

I then dialed the auto billing number and made my payment that way - for the pleasure of paying an extra $3.50 to do just that.

How am I supposed to get a hold of ANYONE at verizon to unlock my account, and am I able to have that $3.50 refunded to my account since I can't even access the proper online payment.

So frustrating and a waste of my time for the amount of money I spend every month, not to be able to speak to anyone period.

Re: Account locked, waited TWO hours on phone ... and still no help
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Sorry you are having difficulty, an agent with access to your account will reach out to you directly by email, private message in the Forums and/or the billing telephone number on your Verizon account for more information to help you resolve your issue.

Re: Account locked, waited TWO hours on phone ... and still no help
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I received a canned email from the eCenter asking me to go through the step-by-step contact us page (even though I have been reaching out to contact everyone already) - and that contact page I have tried previously numerous times before as well - but did try it again...and of course that only ended with it the usual - that for my problem live chat is not available.

So after this many days I am still stuck without any help, still locked out, and even had another post removed from this forum because they said it was "clutter" and have no answers from Verizon - but I still have the privilege of paying a tremendous amount of money.

Does anyone know how I can get into touch with anyone at Verizon?

Re: Account locked, waited TWO hours on phone ... and still no help
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Oh top of the absense of help to resolve the matter - during this entire lock out of my account these past days - I am still not able to use verizon mobil on any of my mobil devices because of course - they are locked out as well....but again I am paying for this service.

I need to know how Verizon will fix the matter.