Account placed in collections AFTER I cancelled service.
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After 15 years as a Verizon member, I needed to leave.  My company gave me a cell phone and I just could not justify paying over $100 a month for a phone and service I no longer required.  I went to the Verizon store to see what my options were.  Simply put, not many.  I was told that I was on Verizon's cheapest plan.  I didn't want to lose my number... there must be SOME way of keeping my number and opting for a cheap flip phone or something.  I was told, nope.  Nada.  Nothing.  Your iphone service is limited to our $80 a month plus tax plan.  Unlimited is your only option.

So I did the only thing I could think to do.  I cancelled my service.  I was told there was a balance  for my phone, but since I had the newest Iphone, I could turn it in and receive credit that would cover the balance.  I transfered my pictures and did as I was asked.  I thought it was all over.

Until it wasnt.  In December I received a bill for 3 months of service that had not been paid.  I responded to the bill by sending a letter with the dates of my cancellation.  Surely there was a mistake.  I heard nothing more and assumed the issue was resolved.  My mistake.

I then received a collections letter from a company on behalf of Verizon.  I responded to them, through the appropriate legal avenue, showing the dates of my cancellation and requesting they do the requisite research before filing a collection notice against me.


I have seen countless reports of Verizon filing collections against people who have paid their bills.  After 15 years of being your customer, VERIZON MAKES A MISTAKE AND SENDS ME TO COLLECTIONS.  

And there isn't even anyone to call about this.  Because my account isn't active and I don't have a phone number, I can't connect to anyone about the issue.  This is insane.  Tell me someone else has found a way of disputing this with Verizon!?