Account suspension at just over a week past due?

So I am a little over a week past due on my Fios account, I've been notified that my account is going to be suspended tomorrow if I don't pay the amount thats past due. Is this normal? Especially seeing as whats going on with Covid 19 and people being out of work? I have been furloughed and have reduced income at the moment. I've never seen Verizon so quick to shut off services. Anyone else experiencing this? 

Re: Account suspension at just over a week past due?

Most services are computerized so when you get behind they shut you off.

in verizons case they do offer payment arrangements via telephone automation and from the web portal at 

although this virus is affecting many people there are some choices that verizon is allowing. Your information is at their web portal.

verizon is a for profit company, so you can suspend your service until you are back on your feet.