Adding/changing services - "Temporary problem"?
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There doesn't seem to be a perfect forum for this issue, so I'm posting it here (since it's web-related).  I've been trying to access the "add/change services" function on the Verizon website for well over a week now and keep getting a "we're having a temporary problem" error screen every single time.  Two different browsers and no other internet-related issues here, so I'm pretty sure it's not me.

Is this function just, well... defunct now?  In any event, I think it qualifies as an ongoing problem, now, not a temporary one...

Re: Adding/changing services - "Temporary problem"?
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have you tried clearing your temporary cache and reset the browser settings,

restart computer,  and try again.  log out and log back in. if still does not work. have verizon create a support ticket