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Agreement Renewal Complaints
Enthusiast - Level 2

I would ask how to make a FORMAL Complaint, but I doubt it would do any good. At least there are other venues on the internet to make consumer complaints.

Our 2 year agreement is up for renewal. When I looked online, I saw a 35% increase even with a new 2 year agreement. We were trying to keep the same services, but are being forced into an increase in download speeds & decrease in upload speed for $10 a month.

Believing 35% is a huge increase even if we re-up for 2 more years, I called Verizon. After 1 1/2 hours on the phone with them we went around in circles just to wind up in the same place - a 35% increase. Even though I told them I want to hold off renewing until I investigate other options - I still had 18 days left on the existing agreement, I got an email that they had put through a renewal at the increased amount.

I called again the next day and immediately asked for a supervisor. I was transferred to someone in the so-called "Elite Team". I started with the fact that the renewal included things we did not want. We did not want Showtime or HBO. We did not want the "increased" internet speed. All she kept repeating is "that's part of the package" and that was it. I even suggested replacing Showtime & HBO with Starz and Encore which we would want. She said no and kept repeating Showtime and HBO are part of the package and the new bill would be 35% more. I asked what incentive do I have to renew with a new 2 year agreement. She had no reasonable answer

I agree with all the complaints about their lack of interest in keeping their long time customers. I expected an increase, but 35% is totally unreasonable. And I don't understand why they even have "live" customer service when all they do is read from a script.

I still have 18 days on my agreement and I intend to spend that time looking into other service providers. Verizon doesn't care about loosing customers so what incentive do I have to stay?

Re: Agreement Renewal Complaints

Our two-year agreement expired today and we got a 40% increase in monthly price for signing up another two-year agreement (month-to-month costs even more!).  I  had online chart over the weekend and talked to someone in retention department over the phone this morning. Basically they're repeating the same options offered to us online. To avoid another nasty surprise, we renewed the service for two years. Meanwhile we're researching for other options since we can cancel the agreement within 30 days. Like many other customers, we're extremely disappointed by the outrages increase of monthly price and the communications we had with the service representatives.

Re: Agreement Renewal Complaints

I just found out that I cannot renew my $20. per month "valued customer discount" I have had for the last 2 years. On top of that in June my contract will be up and  will increase another $35. Cablevision is begging me to come back, if I have to take an increase like this I will have no choice.  It is a shame that new customers can get a much much better deal that long time customers. With my Verizon wireless plan I pay them close to $400. a month and this is how they thank me?

Cablevision and AT&T here I come!