All I wanted to do was change the name on the account
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We have had Verizon for a long time now. The account was originally opened in my wife's maiden name. We have been married for over 11 years and the account was established before that time. I called in on Wednesday evening to inquire about a manual credit that was to be applied to my account monthly. This credit was created to match a price when I renewed the contract. Anyways, the Off-Shore CSR was not able to find any information on this credit even though I know that there were notes about it before. Because any time I called in if the credit was not applied they would refer to the notes and fix the issue. So instead of looking for the notes they offered a One-Time credit of $40. I had more than 4 months left in the contract but I let it go because I was tired of being on the phone. When we were completing the call she asked if there was anything else she could do. That is when I remembered that I still needed to change the name on the account. I thought it would be a simple request. After all I have done this before with other bills without any issues. Obviously I was wrong about it being simple........

The CSR said she could help me with the request. She asked me the name that I wanted to place on the account. I gave her my name. She then asked for the social security number. I asked her if she wanted the current one on the account or mine. She told me the one on the account. So I proceeded to give her my wife's SSN. She then asked for MY birthday. I found this odd seeing as they don't go together. So again I asked her which SSN she needed and again she told me the one on the current account. She then put me on hold for two minutes. When she came back she told me she had some bad news. There was an issue running my credit and the name change was on hold., I immediately knew it was due to the information not matching. Which I tried to explain to her. But she told me I had to go through an automated phone call to confirm my identity. She then transferred me to the automated system. The first thing I was asked was for a sales number. I was not given any numbers by the CSR. So when I failed to enter a valid number the call was disconnected.

At this time I received an email in my account saying that they were sorry that I was cancelling my service. This was news to me as I only wanted to change the name. I immediately called back and connected to another Off-Shore CSR. As I attempted to explain everything that happened we were disconnected. She did not call me back. I called back again and connected to yet another CSR. After explaining everything that happened yet again I asked why my account was saying it was cancelled. I was told that to change a name a new account needs to be created. I asked if everything would transfer such as my email address, phone number, currents package discounts and rewards points.I was told that everything would be transferred over. But it could not be done until the credit hold was resolved. She told me that she could transfer me to another department to fix the issue. I ended up transferred to another department where they were able to resolve the credit hold issue. I then asked them about the account being cancelled. They told me that they could not assist with that and to call a number they gave me in the morning.

Early Thursday morning I called the number I was given earlier while on my way to work. This number turned out to be the collections dept. They forwarded me to sales. When I connected to sales I explained everything from the night before. I asked them to verify that everything on my old account had transferred to the new account. This is when the sales CSR told my new bill would be $79 a month. I stopped her at that point and asked how my bill went from over $200 a month to $79. She broke down the parts of the triple play for me. The phone plan, and the internet speed were the same. But the TV package was drastically different. I originally had the Extreme HD package. But the CSR the night before had put me on the lowest package available. I told the CSR that I needed this changed as it was not what I had before. The CSR then went in and changed the TV package. She then told me that I was eligible for the $300 gift card as I was considered a new customer. I then asked if I would lose service at any point. I was told no it should all be seamless. She then asked if I wanted to set up a rewards account. I responded that I already had one and that it has 3050 points. She told me that I do not have any points as they do not transfer over. I asked if that could be fixed but I was told that it could not. She then told me that she would send me a order preview email. I was to review it and If I had any questions or issues with the order  to contact Verizon. At this point we disconnected.

Once I got to work I opened the preview email. I then went online to make sure I was getting the best deal possible. At this time I found that I had not received the best deal available as a new customer. Online the price for Extreme HD, 50/50 Internet and Digital Voice was the same. But not only did it include the $300 gift card but it also included 12 months of Premium Entertainment for free. I also noticed that there were higher internet speeds that were not offered on the phone I saw that the 100/100 was only $10 more a month for a total of $119/mo. I immediately opened an online chat on the website. I was connected to CSR by the name of REGINE. I explained my whole situation to the CSR and then I told them how after reviewing the order preview I found that there was a better offer not offered to me on the phone. At this point the CSR shut down. No matter what I said I was told that I was no longer a new customer since I had already placed an order. My order had not gone through yet. And I was told to contact if I had any questions or issues the the order preview. Regine just would not budge. I then asked about the internet speeds. I was told that I was not eligible for speeds higher than 50/50. No explanation was offered for the lack of internet speed choices. At this point I knew I was getting nowhere with Regine. I asked for the phone number for corporate escalations. I was given the sales number for Verizon. I told the CSR that was not the right number and the next thing they gave me was an address to send a letter to. At this point I ended the chat as nothing was getting resolved. After doing some searching online I found a Corporate number to call. I explained the issue with the order and how I needed to change it. They took my information and gave me a case number. They also gave me a number to call if I didn't hear back from them on Thursday.

Thursday evening all of my services were still operational and I was hopeful that everything would work out. Friday morning arrived and I turned on the TV to check the weather. I was greeted with a service disconnect message. I then proceeded to check the internet. It was disconnected as well. However the house phone was still working. I called customer service to inquire about the issue. She put me on hold to contact a network tech. She came back and asked me to check the phone for dial-tone. I told her the phone was not having issues. At this point I was back on hold. She didn't come back until after I had to leave the house. I told her that I could not look at the router or ONT at the moment. I asked if she could call me back in 15 to 20 minutes. I returned home and awaited her call. After 30 minutes of waiting I had to leave for work. She called back 5 minutes later. I explained that I was not at home so I could not troubleshoot. She told me that everything should be fine and she would have a tech call me after 6pm when I got home. During the morning my wife told me the TV had came back online. But it was with the wrong TV package. I waited until around noon and I still had not heard from the Corporate Escalations. At this time I called the number I was given before.They notated my account and said that someone will call me today. I also asked them to notate the issue with the shutoff and that everything is now back online except the internet. They notated the account for a tech to contact me.

Around 1pm a tech contacted me do my install. I had to explain that there was not an install. I was simply changing the account name from one to another and that this required an account change. I told him that everything was up except the internet. He told me that he could be at the house in 20 minutes. I had to tell him that I am not home during the day, He asked me if anyone was there I told him my wife was but she was sick and unavailable to assist him. He told me to call her and see if he could drop by. I called her and confirmed that she was not in an shape to help him. I had to run out of the office for something and I called him back within 30 minutes. He informed me that the issue was that I had to accept the terms and conditions. And that he had loaded the page on my computer for me. I asked him how he did that remotely to which he replied he visited the house. This was after I told him not to visit as my wife was sick. Immediately after this call another tech called to repeat the same information about having to accept the terms and conditions. 

I told them that I had completed the process and I had them log into the router and check that the internet was good to go. Around 3:30pm I called corporate again as I had not yet heard back from them. I was told that I should be getting a call soon. And that someone was currently reviewing my case at the moment. They then messaged the case worker to see when they would be contacting me. They said that they had just left a voicemail. As they had tried to call while I was on the phone with the other CSR. I asked when they would be calling back. I was told that the case worker said they were going to lunch and they would call me back after lunch. I questioned the lunch time as it was already 3:45 pm. I asked If I would get called today. And I was assured that the call would happen today.

After I hung up the phone I checked the voicemail and I had a message from Kelly on the Executive team. She said that she needed some more information as she could not locate the promotion that I was referring to. I took some screenshots of the promotion just in case I had to email them to her. And then I waited......And Waited.......And no called came in. I called the number Kelly had left at 4:45PM. It rang 4 times and went to voicemail. I pressed 0 as instructed to reach another team member. I explained my situation to the CSR and he read the notes. He came back and told me that the only offer that was available was the premium pack for 6 months at 50% off. I told him that this offer is always available and is not what I was referring to. The one I wanted was the 12 months free. He kept telling me he could not do that for me. Eventually he counter offered 6 months half price and he would manually adjust the other 50% off each month. I told him I could live with that. But I also wanted the internet speed to be 100/100. I told him I know that it's an additional $10 a month and that I was OK with that. He went off to check the price. When he came back he told me that that price was only for new customers. Which was a shock to me as I was a new customer yesterday, But now I am not.

I was told that the upgrade for me would be $20 a month and not $10. I told him that it was unreasonable. And I asked him to change my promo package to what I had asked for. I was told that I had agreed to the package and I could not change it. Meanwhile I contacted Verizon within 30 minutes on Thursday to correct the issue and they refused. I feel as if they sat on the order and did not help me to correct it until it was processed on purpose. I asked him if I could just cancel everything and start over. He said he didn't know if I could or not. I told him to keep my case open and I will call him back if I want to just cancel everything.

So forward to tonight....I went upstairs to go to bed. I turned on the TV and I was greeted with a message that the box had been disconnected. Later the message changed to the the device was not authorized for my account. I called for customer support. After sitting on hold for 30 minutes I finally got a hold of someone. He told me that I had to go to the DVR and do a cold boot. I did as directed and received an error. He tried 3 different fixes remotely but nothing resolved the error. He then found that the reason for the failure was due to the activation servers being down for maintenance. I was told that I would not be able to activate them until around 3 to 4am on Saturday. So my working TV downstairs is now offline just like the one upstairs.

I am so close to just cutting my ties to Verizon and moving on. I keep giving them chances to redeem themselves and they keep digging the hole deeper. Does anyone have any ideas on how to get this resolved?

Re: All I wanted to do was change the name on the account
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Your issue has been escalated to a Verizon agent. Before the agent can begin assisting you, they will need to collect further information from you.

Please go to your profile page here on the forum, and look in the middle, right at the top where you will find an area titled "My Support Cases". You can reach your profile page by clicking on your name beside your post, or at the top left of this page underneath the title of the board.

Under “My Support Cases” you will find a link to the private board where you and the agent may exchange information. This should be checked on a frequent basis as the agent may be waiting for information from you before they can proceed with any actions.

To ensure you know when they have responded to you, at the top of your support case there is a drop down menu for support case options. Open that and choose "subscribe".

Please keep all correspondence regarding your issue in the private support portal.