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I want to commend LaShundra in customer service for her extraordinary work on a very complex, nearly intractable billing problem I've been having with Verizon for almost 2 months.

Long story short-ish: we transferred 4 lines into Verizon in December 2023 and received 4 free iPhones as part of a promotion. Verizon had some trouble importing the lines and created a "dummy account" to complete the port process. I don't know why this was done, but it somehow made it possible for the lines to be activated. Fast-forward a month, and Verizon notifies me that I owe them over $3000 for activating and then cancelling the lines associated with this "dummy account." I didn't cancel anything. We have four active lines operating on the 4 phones we received from Verizon. We've been paying our bill through auto-pay. But somehow the "dummy account" was allowed to linger, and this triggered all kinds of accounting chaos.

I contacted customer support 3 separate times in the past month and was assured each time that the issue was being handled. (I have records and screenshots of each conversation).The first person told me to ignore the billing notices because everything had been taken care of.  Multiple others said I only had to wait "5-10 business days" for everything to be resolved.  I did as advised, but the waiting resulted in the dummy bills/accounts continuing to advance through the system (despite being told multiple times  that all attempts to collect on these bills had stopped since the issue was being resolved). This week I was notified that a bill had been sent to a collections agency AND also notified by my bank that Verizon tried to withdraw the full amount (over $3000) from my bank account. 

This morning, I called Verizon once again, and this time LaShundra picked up. When I tell you, Verizon, that she is an angel, I am not exaggerating. She spent nearly 4 hours fixing this issue. Fixing it! She contacted multiple people across multiple departments to make sure it was handled: Deron, Angelique (or it might have been Dominique) and Vanni were ALL very helpful. Throughout this long process, LaShundra wasn't just kind and understanding. She was deeply knowledgeable about the situation, incredibly proactive, and so professional. She knew exactly what had to be done to resolve this issue, and she made sure it was done. She read the notes on my account and immediately understood what had happened, and she just took it from there. Fixing this issue was complicated, and I am so appreciative that she was willing to stay with it until it was completely addressed and resolved, for good (I hope!!).

Before I spoke with LaShundra today, I was preparing to turn my case over to a friend who works in consumer advocacy law. It really seemed like that was all I could do. Everyone I spoke with before LaShundra was friendly, and they tried to be helpful, but they seemed powerless to do anything or to put me in touch with anyone who could resolve this. Despite hours spent on numerous calls, I was left feeling helpless and desperate to speak to someone who could transcend the bureaucracy and actually fix this.

That person was LaShundra. She is an extraordinary person and employee, and I want to make sure that you truly appreciate and value what she does for your company.  I picked up the phone today in a last-ditch effort to avoid turning this over to a lawyer.  When I hung up, I felt as if I'd made a friend. And not the kind of friend who brings you casseroles. The kind of friend who sees that you need help, stops everything, and HELPS YOU.  

I don't know what kind of bonus structure Verizon has in place, but I know absolutely and without a doubt that LaShundra deserves one  for her service today. 

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Hello  @andiebc,

Thank you  for the feedback on your interaction with LaShundra. We will make sure to pass this along to LaShundra and the management team. We are happy to know your issue has been resolved.

Thank you so very much for being a valued Verizon Customer.  



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