Another Customer that Regrets Staying with VZ

Been with Verizon for several years, and was satisfied with FIOS service. From the value paid for services, sadly can't say the same.

We cut the cord last Fall and had Triple Play bundle -- we still had to subscribe to a TV package to watch / record shows on cable networks, as well as pay the $5 monthly fee to rent the cable card. We were no longer under contract, but the "barebones" Triple Play without STB, DVR service still cost $124.99 --> $150+ with fees and taxes. 

Like everyone, we constantly get mailers for these great offers, which of course, are only available to New Subscribers. Called in to cancel service & switch to Comcast Xfinity. The customer representative convinced me to stay with Verizon. He arranged for service to be cancelled the day before the install.

After the call, we decided to downgrade to the Custom TV plan -- also was frustrated how all the promises made by the representative wasn't documented in the automated emails that were delivered much later that day.

Called back the following day and spoke with an awesome representative who was incredibly helpful to ensure we were getting the best value in services and stayed in our budget (already invested in building out a HTPC and tuner - which we had hoped to recoup in savings when we returned the STB and dropped DVR service). The representative sent follow-up emails IMMMEDIATELY and during the call of the promises of $350 prepaid Visa gift card & installation, activation fees would be waived -- they still have to send a technician out for ??? (On day of install, everything was up and running...the tech didn't even know why he needed to come to the house)

After the "install," we decided to change the channel packs. For whatever reason, the My Verizon portal is SUPER SLOW. We wanted to change the channel packs, and inadvertently changed the internet speed from 50/50 to 25/25. 

Called back the following day, which was a HUGE MISTAKE. We had received a promotion to upgrade to 75/75 with Quantum FIOS gateway router stated as "Free." The customer representative was definitely shifty ... the representative gave me a quote for the first monthly bill - but assured me that whatever promised were made previously would be honored & to disregard the $60 + in fees (which are broken up into 3 monthly charges) ---> WHY DO WE HAVE TO PAY FOR ANOTHER INTERNET ACTIVATION & INSTALLATION ???? The representative REFUSED to send any follow-up communication, stating he didn't have access & "not to worry." I was totally furious when I received the email with preview of first monthly bill with the new changes -- which didn't arrive until later that day. 

FINALLY received the first monthly bill. The bill is 8 pages long.... obviously the rep hid the "Free" router ... now we're going to pay $185 for the next 3 months. In addition, the bill contains charges for random "deferred" charges from 2010. 

At this point, I'm willing to pay the ETF, 3 weeks into service (as we didn't get the first monthly bill until 2 weeks after service). FWIW: the quantum router is worse than the older router. And watching FIOS TV is a horrible experience, with audio constantly dropping. 

OH: I love the daily reminder calls at 7AM every morning that we haven't returned our equipment. They now have new policy: $650 penalty EVERY MONTH is charged. BYE VERIZON...

Re: Another Customer that Regrets Staying with VZ

We're pulling the plug.  Got an antenna for about $100 (we get 65 free stations), got a Channelmaster DVR+ for around $300 (it has everything a cheaper TiVo has but with NO monthly fee EVER), and got a terabyte hard drive for around $60.  Expensive up front, but we're paying nearly $200/month for a home phone we never use and a TV lineup with channels we don't watch!  We'll keep high-speed Internet, but I'm hoping to save at least $100/month after we regain what we spent in equipment costs and for paying a six-month early termination fee.  With our free channels, Amazon Prime, Hulu, and Netflix, we'll be paying only $30 a month.

We also switched to Republic Wireless--unlimited calls, text, and 1 gb of data for me is $25/month.  If I don't use all the data, I get a refund on the next month's bill.  For my husband it's unlimited calls, text, and .5 gb of data for $17, again with a refund for unused data.

I'm thinking that the days of these big companies gouging everyone are coming to a close as people wise up.

Re: Another Customer that Regrets Staying with VZ
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Hello yupkos

Your issue has been escalated to a Verizon agent. Before the agent can begin assisting you, they will need to collect further information from you.

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