Another Frustrated Verizon Customer
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I always am amazed at how Verizon finds ways to be even worse as a service provider than they already are. If it weren't for all the shows on my DVR that I would lose I would have already dumped them. The only time any of these cable providers cares about you is when they are trying to get you as a customer. The day you become one is when they start screwing you. If they put half the effort into servicing and retaining customers they wouldn't need to spend millions trying to get new ones.

One of my remotes stopped working - not entirely, just one of the buttons no longer works. A fairly simple thing - take it to the FIOS storew and swap it out, right? Oh, if it were only that simple. The local FIOS store in my area is long gone. Now they have some thrid-party affiliate store doing their dirty work. So I call that store and they tell me I have to buy a new remote. **bleep**? Are you serious? In all my years of having cable, and that is a lot of years, I never heard of having to buy a replacement remote. The guy says you can try calling Verizon but they will tell you the same thing.

So I go to an online chat and pose the question, and the agent from Verizon says no worries, we will ship you out a remote at no charge. OK, that sounds good, and the guy at the affiliate store is lying through his teeth. But wait, it will ship in 3-8 business days! Really? Again, **bleep**? That is quite some window of time to ship a remote. And where is it shipping from? Of course, today is Saturday and a holiday weekend, so it may not ship until July 14th. Which means I may not get it until around the 18th or so. Over 2 weeks to get a replacement remote? At work we still use Optimum, and I know I can drive 5 minutes to their store and get a replacement remote. So maybe it is time to try them again. I know they too have many issues, but at least when you switch to another provider you get a good deal for a year or 2. 

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