Another Unreturned Equipment Issues and Refund

I cancelled my Verizon FIOS service on May 30, 2014.  I returned my equipment on June 12, 2014 using the box an label provided by Verizon.  I have a receipt from the post office to prove the equipment was returned.  On my July bill, it showed a previous credit balance of $60.76, but then I was charged $878.20 in fees, taxes, and other charges, for unreturned equipment, and a video franchise fee and CATV Universal Access fee, even though my service had been cancelled and shut off since the end of May.  I have contacted Verizon about this numerous times, but until October they just kept giving me the run around.  Then in October I spoke with a {edited for privacy}, ar Verizon Customer Relations, who said she would correct the charges.  Somehow, that got screwed up, and the correction was done twice, and now my account says Verizon owes me $938.94.  I just want my $60.76 refund, but no one can seem to straighten out my account, and no one at Verizon seems to care.  At this point, I want  my refund .  Oh, and I want the Verizon wire, and boxes on the side of my house and in my basement, removed.  I've had my fill of Verizon's poor treatment and will never do business with them as long as I live.

Re: Another Unreturned Equipment Issues and Refund
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Sorry you are having difficulty, an agent with access to your account will reach out to you directly by email, private message in the Forums and/or the billing telephone number on your Verizon account for more information to help you resolve your issue.Please remember to check your spam/junk folder if you do not hear from an agent.