Another bait and switch?

After signing up FIOS phone and internet over two years ago my monthly bill has increased over 50%. Two days ago, I had an on-line chat with a Verizon person who convinced me to revise my services rather than switching to another service.

The Verizon person convinced me to select the Double Play bundle which would increased my date speed to 50/25mbs and reduce my bill by $10 for the first month and $8 per month thereafter for two years. My previous monthly charge was $97.99.   It now shows my monthly charge to be $99.99 (excluding taxes). An INCREASE of $2 per month!

The Verizon person stepped me through the process and verified the new monthly charges.

I did not copy the chat dialog which has taught me a lesson!  i presume you have a copy of the previos chat. The Verizon person this evening was no help and told me to call during business hours.