Anyone else been charged for service you didn’t have?

I’ve had service for two years now. I just now needed a phone for my job. I buy one, come to find out, I have no service in my house but I’ve been paying for it. 

The common sense solution, refund me for services I never had? Right? 

Nope Verizon is holding me to it and says they will only honor 5 months. 

I was only going to ask for 11 months refund, now I’ll ask for the entire contract. 

A contract is a contract and Verizon shouldn’t strong arm it’s customers. I tried BBB, they aren’t budging. 

Once this contract is done, I’ll be off to a better more customer service company! 

No wonder they lose customers.

My question to consumers, has anyone else had this issue? 


Re: Anyone else been charged for service you didn’t have?

You want service for a phone? You don’t use it in 11+ months and then decide to check if it’s operational? Then you want a refund? Well no verizon should not refund for any more months since it’s a customer responsibility to call them to fix the phone line the first month, not 11 months later.