Anyone experienced this?

I am an existing fios customer and had my contract expired long time ago. Recently, I signed up a two year contract (with a monthly payment that is $73.98 tax - I have a confirmatio email to prove this!). Now, when I check my account online, it tells me that my monthly payment is $168 (before tax) with 2 two year agreement. If I break the agreement, I would have to pay earlier termination fee? How could this happen? I did not agree to this $168 monthly plan.
What make it worse is that: I tried to re-enroll the connection discount. I just followed the link in the email and signed into my account. I did not do anything. After that I got another confirmation email that tells a high monthly payment. This make people think that I agreed with a high monthly payment which I DID not. Can someone help me on this? I am really upset now!

Re: Anyone experienced this?

This issue has been escalated to a Verizon agent.