Appointment to install TV or use self install kit

I recently became a Verizon residential customer beginning with FiOS Internet. The service was great so I decided to cancel my DirecTV and switch to Verizon's service as well. I had an appointment to install TV that Verizon failed to show up to or call to reschedule after I took off from work. After calling them and scheduling a new appointment (this time on Saturday) I received an email the night before stating that there was a problem with my install appointment. I called and a little after an hour of speaking with three reps was hung up on. The last rep was trying to get me to cancel my Internet in order to have both TV and Internet set up the next day. When I asked to speak to a more senior rep he told me that he was the senior rep. When I asked for his name again he hung up on me. I called back and after another hour and forty minutes (speaking to four more reps this time) the last lady told me that I could just do a self install and pick up the equipment the next day. I picked up the kit from Verizon and began installing it myself when I realized that I didn't receive all of the necessary components nor any instructions (although I was able to find similar instructions online). I had to drive back to the store to get the rest of the kit but was finally able to catch the last games on Saturday. Honestly, the service is great but I'm debating whether to terminate my 2 year agreement (I'm still in my 14-day window) based on the worst customer service I've ever encountered.