Auto Pay has not ever billed my account

I enrolled with Verizon Fios Triple Bundle back in February and immediately enrolled in Auto Pay and paperless billing. No problems with the service. In fact, everything has been excellent so far.

However, I do not believe Auto Pay has ever worked for my account, but one-time manual payments have always worked. I understand that there is a lag time when it is a new auto pay request, but I've always had to pay manually for months now. Today I logged in and noted a balance of $108.00 due tomorrow! I assumed that auto pay was suppose to kick in on May 14th as stated in my account, so I didn't manually pay as early as I normally would. So I submitted yet another manual one-time payment to prevent an issue with late payment. 

Obviously the auto pay feature is broken, so I've de-enrolled from this feature and will make manual payments for now. So I guess my question has to be: Why didn't it work for me, after months?

Re: Auto Pay has not ever billed my account
Community Leader
Community Leader

If the bill states
"Total Amount Due will be charged to Credit Card on ... DO NOT PAY'

Then DO NOT PAY.  Don't worry if some amount doesn't appear to being payed on time.  That happens sometimes, and then sbows up later.