Auto pay discount??
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Is there any way to still get the auto pay discount at this point? I was told when I originally signed up for verizon that I could, at any point, sign up for auto pay and receive a $10 monthly discount (go back and check the recorded conversation, he never gave me a time frame). Fast forward to over a month later after I'm finally done moving into my new house, I call to ask about an auto pay discount and the representative shrugged her shoulders and told me "sorry it had to have been done sooner." Something about that doesn't seem fair that I wasn't warned about there being a timeframe involved and then I'm told "it's just policy." That's a $120 a year difference for nobody telling me I had to do it by a certain time. Is there any way I can talk to someone about getting that back? I hate to say I'm regretting leaving Comcast so far.

Re: Auto pay discount??

The auto pay on the sign up is what covers your discount. Doubtful that doing after the fact is going to be advisable.

additionally you never give auto pay to any company. That is like just giving out your account numbers on cards to strangers on the street.

never give any company including Verizon your account particulars there is much error that may and has occurred. Just google it.

same for credit card payments. Do one time payments only and never automatic deductions from credit, savings or checking accounts.

you will save a lot of headaches.