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We are long time Verizon customers -actually since before it was even Verizon. We pay our exorbitant bill on time each month without fail but yet find we are being charged an extra $50 PER MONTH for not giving them auto access to our card or bank account. The only time we missed a payment was when our credit card was compromised and we explained that to them and fixed it immediately.  I understand why they might insist on it for new customers or repeat late customers, but why penalize those of us who have been consistent in our payments? I am disgusted with Verizon, it's poor customer service -especially to those of us who have been loyal for so long. There is a large amount of conversation in this community forum sharing the same complaint regarding loyalty.   What a shame you have become, Verizon. 

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I also am trying to be charged a 30 incompliance fee for paying my bill early with the same card I have on file for auto pay. Because I pay it earlier and use the same card they keep slipping a 30.00 fee on my bill. I keep calling every month and  after getting around their overbearing AI Assistant( who hangs up on me usually). Finally get to talk to a real person who apologizes and removes it from my bill. This month I've had to have it removed twice. I've had one person tell me that I can only use a debit card, that's exactly what my card is and he was speechless. If my daughter wasn't enjoying a monthly discount for upgrading her iPhone 13 to the 14 which no longer applies if you want to pay it off earlier then I would have been gone from this company.

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Robindm We're sorry to read about the charges on the account for the Auto Pay. Have you tried removing then setting up the card again for Autopay? ~Peter