Autopay setup problems
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I spoke with two people today by phone, and need to share complaints abotu this experience.

I went online to My Verizon to update the payment options in my Autopay, usign yrou Manage Autopay button to get there. I deleted an old credit card and added an updated version of the same, with new credit account number as the old one had been compromised and stolen. I also added a new credit card that I wanted to make my current default for Autopay.

The forms to add new credit cards ask for he CC number, expiration date, and security code number, then something in your system somewhere decides what my name is and other things are to apply to that new credit card. I can now see both new cards as choices to select for autopay, but the wrong one is shown as what will be charged on the 5th of each month. No amount of clicking on Make this my default payment checkbox and saving changes that. Also, my last name is wrong. I can type in that tield for each card to correct it, and click on save, but when I go to look at it after, the wrong string is again in my name field. (I am a The 2nd, and you put my suffix in my last name field instead of my last name there)

So, I call your support people, or rather give yoru website my phone number for you to call me and put me on hold.

The first guy I talked to said he had fixed my last name in one card, but I cannot see the correction when I look at it online. After a few minutes of it not workign, I want to complain that the webpage does not appear to work, and he says that there is no one at Verizon, anywhere in the company, that I can voice my complaint to. That doesn't sit right, and I end up asking for a supervisor, as I am nto goin gto be told that it is not possible for me to complain to Verizon. The supervisor described that there is not a dedicated complaints department, but that any representative that I might find myself talkin gto can accept my complaint, which is exactly the opposite of wha tthe first guy told me, changing 0 people at Verizon to Every person at Verison can accept a customer's complaint. OK, good. 

The supervisor also attempted to correct my last name, and ended up adding one of the credit cards again, which he says wil lshow up as yet another option in my autopay posisble payment choices, and I can delete the broken one when it does. May take a day or so to show up. Uh, OK, I'l lbelieve i twhen I see it. He declined ot do the same fo rthe second broken card with wrong name in it. Eh, wish he would have. he also told me that I may not see my name corrected in your web page until after 24 hours, or possibly even not until after a billing cycle has passed. Uh, sorry, I don't accept that it takes a billing cycle for a webpage to show my name has been corrected. Any other online place that I need a correction, I can see it either directly after clicking save (such as when I clicked save on Verizon's form with my name corrected), or after I call and talk to someone that has stronger magical powers than the web forms I can use myself, and it gets fixed right away. 

Verizon, you need to fix these autopay setup forms to show corrections immediately. You need to fix it to stop auto-populating incporrect data, and get names done correctly. You need to allow your phone reps the capability of correcting the mistakes that your webpage makes. You need to tell your reps that if I have a complaint, then they can accept it, and how they record it so that som emeaningful discussion and corrective action can be taken, not just to listen to a customer say something, hang up and forget it ever happened, and not that exactly 0 people at Verizon have the capability to accept a complaint.

I am seriously disappointed by this experience, the name in my autopay credit cards remains wrong, and something needs fixed.

Re: Autopay setup problems
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This issue has been escalated to a Verizon agent.