Autopay way too early, notification of change way too late.


I have a budget that safely autopays my Verizon bill about a week into every new month (usually on the 9th), about 2–4 days before the bill due date. I count on this regularity. Today, December 22, I was notified that I have a new bill due, expected to be automatically collected on December 31.

I requested to be unenrolled in autopay minutes after receiving notification, but the system tells me I will not be effectively unenrolled until 6 business days after my request. This being the holiday season, the timing of the notification may put me in danger of not being unenrolled until after the surreptitiously scheduled payment is automatically expected.

I find it disconcerting and dishonest that my autopay date has been bumped up by over a week and a half before the bill is due, and only 3 weeks after my last payment.