BEWARE Test Dive Promotion

I recently switched to Verizon after my Xfinity bill skyrocketed, and received a $74.99 Bundle with the Ultimate HD TV, Gigabit Internet, and phone.  While talking to the Verizon sales agent, I was very skeptical of the "Test Drive Period," and asked multiple times about what would happen with my bill and service at the end of the Test Drive period.  I was told that I wouldn't have to change my TV package, keeping the Ultimate TV HD at the end of the Test Drive period, and my bill would not increase.  THAT WAS NOT TRUE.  After 2 months, if you do not switch to a lower TV package, your rate increases $45.  Additionally, when I had clicked the link to decide on a TV package after the Test Drive period, I was taken to a page where I was asked for permission to lookup my account details, and then the page died.  I tried multiple times in both IE and Chrome, but the could never even view my Test Drive results.  Not only do I feel lied to when I signed up, but the website performs poorly and I was unable to change my TV package if I wanted to, leaving me stuck in the Ultimate TV HD package.  

This is an incredibly sneaky and deceptive marketing practice, exacerbated by sales agents who lie to customers and tell them their service and bill won't change after the promotional period, and entrenched by a poor performing website which doesn't allow customers to change their selected TV package.

BEWARE the TEST DRIVE. It is NOT the deal you think it is. 

P.S. have fun spending around 2 hours fighting with Verizon service agents about your bill.   

Re: BEWARE Test Dive Promotion

On the browsers you must have pop up blocker set to off. It pops up information.

now the test drive is supposed to work letting you know the viewing in your home and the best situation for you and your family. However it simply states you can accept the recommendation from verizon and do nothing or select a package of your own.

it does not state prices will remain stable. This being that each tier has different pricing structure. Call 1-800-VERIZON and keep at them.

or file a complaint with your states Public Utilities Commission or Public Service Commission who regulates them via a google search.

Re: BEWARE Test Dive Promotion
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