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BILLING Chaos for past 2 cycles
Contributor - Level 2

For 2.5 years, the FIOS bundle was wonderful! Then I started receiving emails to contact customer service to negotiate a new bundle price... and the fun started.

*website bundle quoted $129.99

*phone rep quoted $119.99

* retail outlet arranged the bundle I wanted, with the internet speed lowered, quoted $109.99

OK, so I was sent a NEW account number...and the fun continued.   Billed twice in October $179 & $360 and YES, OneBill ripped it from my checking account automatically.

Then I made the mistake of upgrading my cellphone which warranted a new wireless plan. Went from $15 to $29.99 @month +taxes/fees...and I escalated the fun.  Billed for the 21 minutes of use on old plan..but went to 200 anytime minute plan???

ATTEMPTED TO RESOLVE: Called 3x, average hold 10 minutes with a 30 minute conversation.  No resolution reached. Told it would all work itself out by the second billing cycle.

New email, new bill available for December...$375.56!!!! OMG BATMAN

Think I'm paying my new FIOS bundle + old FIOS bundle + old cellphone + new cellphone + new wireless plan = TOTAL.

Customer service merely emailed me that I NEED TO CONTACT MY BANK to prove to them I have paid my bills already!

HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE. I still cannot reconcile the bill detail and find it impossible to view old bills online.

Love the FIOS picture, ISP OK, Email has way too much SPAM not caught, have had to purchase 2 ONT Batteries since August due to power outages during storms in New England so landline wasn't available for 4 days. There doesn't seem to be a way to work with the Finance office. They are rude and have hung up on me twice, or my cordless phone battery dies while waiting for them to return from HOLD! LOL

Re: BILLING Chaos for past 2 cycles

I believe the FiOS Kiosks and stores are third parties. If you have an account with Verizon it is better to deal directly with them.

If a deal seems to good to be true, it usually is. BUT it could be the withdraw was for the upcomming billing period, and the second amount was for the prorated amount, and the up comming billing period. You could have been billed twice for the same period if your account changed. One for the old account and one for the new. It sounds like they closed your account and opened a new one, right as the billing cycle ended. Check the account numbers, get the ACH payment records from your bank and call VERIZON billing back. Or wait to be contacted?

I would never open my wallet and say take what you want. So why would I open my checking account and do the same? Go online and authorize one payment at a time. That is what I do and have never had an issue. This way I say if it is ok to pay.


I agree with Elizabeth 100%. This is a peer to peer support community, and only Verizon employees can resolve account issues, and many other issues can only be resolved by contacting Verizon directly. Verizon Employees have the VZ designation, and Verizon logo. Never disclose any private account information online in this public forum. Verizon Employees most often reach out to help, even though this is a public forum.

Best to you.



Thanks for moving this to the correct location.

Re: BILLING Chaos for past 2 cycles
Champion - Level 1


Sorry you are having difficulty, an agent with access to your account will reach out to you directly by email, private message in the Forums and/or the billing telephone number on your Verizon account for more information or help you resolve your issue. Please be aware though, that the agent who contacts you can only resolve your issues with residential services.  Ask them for the correct contact to resolve your cell phone billing.