Bad Customer Service

I signed up for a new two-year contract Verizon.  As part of that I was supposed to recieve a $5 monthly discount and $100 gift card.  Well it's been two billing cycles and do you think I received the discount?  NO

The person I chatted with when I placed the order chatted  "I can see that the discount is active with this order. It is $5 Fios Internet Loyalty Discount thru Dec 31, 2018 ." -- I saved the entire conversation since it was an online chat.

When I call up they state I have to wait to get my gift card before I'm able to get the discount.  So I'm paying MORE now because I re-signed with Verizon?!  The person on the phone wanted me to call in every month and argue to receive a $5 discount from their supervisor because the system "on their end" needed to get the gift card before I recive the offer and inferred I hadn't spoken to a rep (since they could not understand I used the online chat and supposed checked)

NEXT TIME I'LL MOVE TO RCN OR TIMEWARNER.  I dont even get Bloomberg TV anymore from Verizon

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This issue has been escalated to a Verizon agent.