Bad customer service
I wanted to complain about a service I received when I tried to talk to one of the customer service ladies at around 3:00 pm eastern time today ... Unfortunately I couldn't memorize her name ... She was the most (Horrible) customer service representative I have ever dealt with ... She wasn't listening to me and she kept interrupting me and not letting me finish my sentence ... All I heard from her is (you can't compare apples with oranges) and she kept repeating this sentence ... I was confused about some items in my bill and she was unable to explain that to me ... She was talking to me as if I'm a stupid person and told me that I don't understand her apple and orange example !!! She irritated me and made me shout at her asking her to transfer me to somebody else who can listen to me ... And guess what she did .. She disconnected my call ... I called back and managed to get somebody else to explain my bill to me ...this other representative agreed that the items in the bills were confusing even for her and it took her a while to understand it ...when I asked this lady about the name of the (apples and oranges) lady she refused to give it to me for (confidentiality) although they give their names in the beginning of each call but she was trying to protect her colleague ...