Bait and Switch*SCAM*Worst Customer Service

How do you get to a person who is empowered to make a decision??

On 3/7 I started service. Since the tech used his own equipment, I called my representative for my Apt Building to return the equipment. She was happy to set it up and take her commission. She was even helpful with picking up the equipment. However, when she did Verizon disconnected my service!! She attempted to help me get it restored over the phone by calling the customer service line with me. Nope! A tech would have to come out thereby inconveniencing the customer further. I only had service 6 days and it took another 3 to get someone out!!!

The tech restored service but now I was given a new account number. The “current offer had changed” (are you kidding). Then they charged me!! $263 for 6 days of service!!!!!

My current bill is now due for a month of service. My rep, Marshon, was able to get her supervisor, Emmanuel, to remove the SECOND $49 installation fee. Wow thank you Emmanuel, especially since you were coming out to fix YOUR mistake! I should have never been charged in the first place!!!

i have called, gone back to the rep- Marshon, demanded contact information of Emmanuel and his manager Brian (have not received it, did the chat (they told me they couldn’t help bc the account was closed and my old account number is someone else’s), emailed customer service (over 2weeks ago- no response), and even emailed the CEO at least 10 days ago. Nothing. 

Who can make a decision? I want the $263 refunded or at the very least pro-rate me for the 6 days of use? That is not being unreasonable. I was also promised a “$75 Gift Card” due to my service being accidentally disconnected. That was week’s ago. I won’t hold my breath. Is this a scam- 2 different account sign ups? Double bill the customer then give them the run around hoping they’ll quit?

I think it’s time to cancel Verizon Fios and call my Financial Advisor to sell the Verizon Stock. I’m appalled at the horrific customer service!! It’s find to make a mistake, now multiple, BUT FIX IT!!!!

Will a Forum get their attention, social media?? Someone please help me!!!

Re: Bait and Switch*SCAM*Worst Customer Service
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This issue has been escalated to a Verizon agent.