Bait and Switch for $300 VISA gift card
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Upon speaking with 3 customer service representatives (including one in the cancellation department) I was told the same thing: with the $89.99 bundle for new customers, you either chose the free DVR OR the $300 visa gift card. So the company would rather lose our service and have me pay a $210.00 termination fee rather than keep me as a customer. The worst bait and switch scheme EVER.  

Verizon SCAM!! Bait and Switch for $300 VISA gift card
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I was also scammed by FIOS.  In Mar, I received a mailing from FIOS and made the decision to switch.  The 3 bundle and a $250 gift card sounded like a great deal.   I went on-line and made all the selections.  


I waited patiently for the gift card.  I called and was told to wait.  few months pass, no gift card arrives.  I call customer service and they now tell me that they never offered free gft cards??

Can you say SCAM? 


Now they say I opted for 25$/month credit for 24 months and hence cannot qualify for gift card. I pay 110$/month

Re: Verizon SCAM!! Bait and Switch for $300 VISA gift card

They told me the same **bleep**. I chose the gift card not that 25 off crap.